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New Pup Ronnie arrives

October 18, 2017
WAsn't sure whether we would do any more puppy walking, just keep to the boarding but hey ho now we have young Ronnie.
We have now had him since July and he is a confident young man, who loves everything and everybody and isn't scared of anything. A funny pup who is also very vocal, making some wired and wonderful noises that make us both laugh out loud.
He has been on the station and has no qualms about walking on and off the train, even going through the wobbly corridor bit attaching the carriages with no encouragement needed.
He just hopped onto the bus and thought that was great as he had a captive audience albeit for only 2 stops. Going into shops is a chore though, lots of speed walking, if possible, and silly noises to encourage and no chance to look at anything at the moment as he finds it totally boring. Can't say I blame him.
He loves cuddling up against Barry, who puts up with quite a lot from him,


July 3, 2016
Crystal is doing very well, she is living with a blind gentleman in London and doing what she was trained for very well. Hopefully I should be getting some news shortly.

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Soooooo Hot.

July 24, 2014
It has been so hot recently, not that I am complaining, although I hate the mugginess, and I often go out looking like I had just got out of bed, as my hair seems to take on a mind of its own haha, but the poor old doggies dislike it as well, and will often be found flat out in a flower bed, flattening all the flowers, but with a 'Phew, this is so cool' look on their chops..
We try to take them out early,and  to do any training with Crystal, laden with water, bowl, spray bottle and wet wipes,...
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You want me to do what with it?

June 19, 2014
After lunch the other day, there was a piece of apple core left, so I gave it to Rosie, who gromphed it up and gave a bit of peeling to Crystal.. Well, you would have thought I was trying to poison her. Instead of eating it happily, like other dogs, she stalked around, looking for somewhere to hide it, and ended up lying on her bed, looking very confused and hard done by. I have no idea what she
was thinking, but it was very funny.
Silly dog....

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News of Flora.

June 17, 2014
We recently had some news of Flora. She went off to 'Big School' and was doing very well, but after a while her trainer Richard, noticed that she was turning to him more for encouragement when going on to the busy London buses and trains. He let us know  how she was going and what they had tried to give her more confidence, but as the weeks went on, she started to get more stressed about leading into a situation and after talking, they decided it was not in her best interest to continue as it...
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Crystal at 7 months

May 26, 2014
Crystal is just over 7 months now, and is getting taller and is pretty steady on most things. Will lie down and sleep on a train, and is quite happy to squeeze into a small space on a bus. It can be quite funny when we try to get off and people move to let me come by and are shocked to find a dog emerge as well from underneath the seat. They hadn't even known she had been there..
I am very pleased when we walk past dogs trying to get to her and only very occasionally she will react, so that is...
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Crystal - Growing Pains

March 5, 2014
Crystal is just 5 months old now, and growing in confidence as well as leg length. Poor Rosie is getting very fed up with
telling her off for being too rough with her, so there has been lots of 'time out' sessions for Crystal, so Rosie can get some peace.
They curl up together to sleep and she looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Little angel. haha
Cuddling up to her Dad, one of her favourite places.
She is doing really well on her recalls, especially with other dogs, and at the moment
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New Baby.

December 17, 2013
We have lost Flora, she has gone onto Big School. She is settled in and we have received a couple of phone calls from her new trainer Richard, reassuring us. It is hard when they leave home  :((  We have now got our next bundle of trouble, a little yellow Labrador / G.Retriever  cross. called Crystal.  who took to Flora straight away, and decided she was obviously her surrogate Mum. She had 4 days of fun with her before she left us.
The first photo of Crystal looks like butter wouldn't melt i...
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November 14, 2013
Flora has been to stay at the vetinary clinic for the day and been spayed. This is just to make sure she will not be having pups in the future. I expected a peaceful evening when I picked her up, thinking she may be a little under the weather after having an anaesthetic with her op. but Noooooo. she dragged the poor nurse across the clinic to greet me, trying to jump and play with an unsuspecting dog waiting to see the vet.  hahaha oh dear.
              Here is a photo of her with her daisy ...
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News of Zola

August 3, 2013
I have just received some photographs from Holland, showing Zola with her new family and the lady she is paired with. I spent the whole afternoon in tears. I know, it is silly, she is doing a great job, and I am immensely proud of her, but there you go, silly me.  She has made a great difference to the lady, and is doing very well.
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